Digital Program

You can watch tonight’s performance on any device with an internet connection.  Your phone, your tablet and your computer… BUT have you thought about viewing it on your TV?!?

Here’s some ways to watch the Bright Side live stream on your TV…

Smart TV

HDMI Cord To Your TV

Screen Casting


If you have a Smart TV:

A smart TV can connect to the internet to access content, so you can download the apps you need from your television’s app store.

Just look for the WEB BROWSER app if you don’t have an App Store baked into your TV and put in the show website address (just like you would on your computer web browser.) 

Alternatively you can search your Smart TV’s app store if available for a Web Browser like Firefox to experience the show as well.


If you’d like to use your HDMI port on your TV:

Manually connect a HDMI cable between your laptop to your television.  Bring up the show in your laptop web browser and select the proper HDMI input on your TV to share that same screen. This is the same cable used to connect your cable box or Blu-ray player, etc.


If you have Apple TV, Chromecast/Android Device, Fire TV Stick, Roku, etc:

You can Airplay the screen (Apple TV) or Cast it to your TV (Chromecast/Android/Chrome Browser) on your phone, tablet or laptop. Make sure all your devices are on the same WiFi network at home. 

For an Amazon FireStick or Roku, download the Firefox app and open that browser to check out the live stream!


Give one of these options a shot before the show.  We’ll see you at 7PM tonight!